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Our Team

With over 100 years of collective cycling experience, our team is ready to assist you with all of your cycling needs.


Role: Owner

Bikes: Trek Super Commuter

David "Moose"

Role: Manager

Bikes: Trek Slash, Norco Optic, Norco Tactic

Years Riding: 50

Favourite Trails: A-Line, Shed Line, Gravity Bowl


Role: Sales

Bikes: Trek Slash, Norco Rampage, Fyxation Pixel

Years Riding: 8

Favourite Trails: Psuedo Tsuga, Ditch Pig, Dirt Merchant


Role: Head Mechanic 

Bikes: Trek Slash, Trek Roscoe

Years Riding: 19

Favourite Trails: A-Line, Freight Train


Role: Mechanic, Sales, Suspension Tech

Bikes: Norco Aurum HSP, Norco Sight

Years Riding: 9

Favourite Trails: Dirt Merchant, Meatsweats, Coastal Cruise


Role: Bike Fit, Sales


Role: Mechanic

Bikes: Trek Fuel EX, Trek Rail

Years Riding: 21

Favourite Trails: Credit Line, Pamplemousse


Role: Sales

Bikes: Trek Ticket, Norco Threshold

Years Riding: 4

Favourite Trails: Big Stupid, Original Sin, Schleyer


Role: Sales

Bikes: Norco DJ, Norco Sight

Years Riding: 7

Favourite Trails: Dirt Merchant


Role: Sales

Bikes: Norco Aurum HSP

Years Riding: 5

Favourite Trails: Anything on Cypress Mtn.