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Facts Every Cyclist Should Know

Whether you just got your first bike or you are getting back into the sport, here are some basic facts
that will keep you and your bike be prepared for riding any day, anytime.

Q: Do my tires have tubes in them?
A: Yes. Unless you've outfitted your wheels to be tubeless they have tubes in them.

Q: How do I know what tube I need?
A: First you need to look at the sidewall of your tires. Here you will find the tire dimensions. This might look like 700 x 35 or 26 x 2.0. Then you need to look at the type of valve on your current tube. There are two types: Presta and Schrader. Presta which tend to be longer and skinnier with a piece you can loosen and tighten. Schrader valves look like the valves on most motor vehicles.

Q: Why are my tires flat when I want to ride?
A: Tubes naturally lose pressure. Just like a car tire, you have to check and maintain their pressure. We recommend checking your tire pressure before every ride. It takes two minutes with any of our floor pumps. Just attach the pump head to your valve and check the gauge to see your current tire pressure.

Q: How much air should I put in my tires?
A: Every tire is rated for a different psi (pounds per square inch). Check the sidewall of your tire to find the range of recommended psi. Most tires will have a minimum and maximum psi.

Q: Do I need to clean my bike?
A: Yes! Probably more often than you think. If you go riding in the rain or mud when you get home you should be cleaning your bike. If the weather isn't bad and its a clean dry day, you can probably get away with more than one ride between cleans. During a cleaning you need to be thoroughly de-greasing your drive-train. While this soaks spray and wipe your frame. Rinse everything off and re-lubricate your chain.

Q: How do I protect my bike against theft?
A: Register your bike with Project 529, invest in a great lock and keep your eyes on it as much as you can. Learn more about protecting your bike here.

Q: How often should I get my bike serviced?
A: Your bike should be serviced at least once a year. However this will change depending on the type of bike, how often you ride, what kind of rider you are and so many other variables. Bring it in before the issues arise. A good rule of thumb is every 500-1000 km's.

Q: What type of service package should I get for my bike?
A: Our Standard Service Package should be used often (a few times each season). Our Full Service Package includes a bottom bracket and headset service and should be done at least once a year. If your bike is your main mode of transportation, this should be done more often. Especially if you ride in rain and mucky weather. Our Overhaul Package should be done once every two years. Again this could be done more often for bikes that are ridden often and in bad weather.

Q: How do I stay safe on the road?
A: Know the rules of the road. Wear bright clothing with reflective strips. Have lots of lights. Learn to comfortably shoulder check. A noise maker which could be your voice to let others know you are passing. Proper eye wear. Wear a helmet. Ensuring your bike is in good condition (especially your brakes).

Q: What kind of bike do I need?
A: This depends on what you are going to use the bike for and where you are going to ride it. Stop by and talk to one of our sales staff. They will be able to guide you towards the bike that best suits your needs.

Q: How fast do e-bikes travel?
A: An e-bike will assist you up to 32km/h in Canada.

Q: How long to e-bike batteries last per charge?
A: This depends on which mode you are in. The battery will last anywhere from 32 to 160 kilometers.

Q: What does 'Available to Order' mean under item availability?
A: If an item shows 'Available to Order' this means the item is not currently in stock but can be ordered in. If the item shows 'In Stock' we have one in the store.