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Bicycle Repair

NOTE: We are ONLY able to work on e-Bikes that are equipped with Bosch, Shimano, Hydrive, TQ, or Fazua motors.

Tune Up 1


Parts not included

Included Service:

Gear adjustment

Brake adjustment

Wipe down drivetrain and lube

Bike cleaning

Minor wheel true

Tune Up 2


Parts not included

             Includes:            Tune Up 1+

Drivetrain Deep Clean

Major wheel true

  installation of chain and               cassette                 "parts not included"

Tune Up 3


Parts not included

              Includes:             Tune Up 2+

Deep bike wash

Polish and protectant applied

Headset overhaul

Bottom bracket overhaul

Tune Up 4

$350 - $450

Parts not included

             Includes:            Tune Up 3+

Complete teardown of bike to frame

Overhaul on all applicable components

Installation of cables and housing

Common Repairs
Parts not included



Install tube and/or tire$16

Shifter adjustment (Front or Rear)$15

Brake adjustment (front or rear)$15

Brake Bleed (per brake)$40

Brake pad install (per pair)$5

Install brake rotor

Cable/housing install (internal routing subject to price increase)$5

Cassette or freewheel install or removal

Drivetrain ultrasonic deep clean and lube

Crank install or removal$15

Install and/or remove crank and bottom bracket$50

Diagnose/firmware update on electronic shifting or e-bike system$45

Chain install

Disc brake cleaning$15

*DISCLAIMER: Extra charges apply for labour not included in the service packages.  Parts not included in labour rates.  All bicycles are test ridden after labour is completed.  Bicycles left for more than 14 days after contact will incur a storage fee ($5 per day) and bicycles left more than 40 days will be donated or recycled.